HJ_DougIt took Doug Godsman a long time to unleash his love of writing. Starting with writing memoir and now fiction, he is dredging up stories and locations enjoyed during his extensive travels. (55 countries to date, all on his own dime.)

He was born on a sheep farm in the Borders of Scotland during the Second World War but left for North-East Scotland and the market town and fishing port of Aberdeen soon after. The Royal Family’s summer vacation castle at Balmoral cast a long, mostly benign, shadow over the area. However, even now, the class distinctions are there for all to see. His school years were marked by scholastic and athletic awards which led him to the University of Aberdeen where he studied Scots Law and Economics, bawdy songs and rugby.

Doug’s experiences immigrating to Canada in 1966 and to the United States in 1995 were as different as can be. The Canadian Government paid for most of his trip from Glasgow, while the US Immigration folk turned him back at the border! Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and he became a legal alien the next day. Since then he has lived in California and NW Arkansas, hence his soubriquet ScoCan-CalArkie, or Scottish Canadian California Arkansan.

Ellis Island in New York is one of Doug’s travel highlights. He visited its fabled halls in 2010 and was immeasurably moved by the immigrant stories still ricocheting around the walls. It’s no surprise then that Ellis Island is a major character in his novel Highland Justice, the first volume in a trilogy.

Doug lives in NW Arkansas with his sweetheart Phyllis, his Schnauzer Max, Phyllis’ Sheltie Conan and Ziggy, the cat. His daughter, son, and grandchildren still call Calgary, Alberta, home.