HJ_FrontCover Do you have an ancestor who was an immigrant? Well, duh! We all did. How about coming through Ellis Island? That would be 30% of us current Americans. How much do you know about the appalling transatlantic voyage and the dangers awaiting your forebears when they finally set foot on American soil? Maybe not as much as you’d like?

Highland Justice starts in Scotland in 1904 and describes how Sir David Rennie meets the local beauty, Bella Gordon, at a farewell street party. Sparks fly, but Bella is off to America the next day, emigrating with her family to San Francisco via Ellis Island.

Lord Rennie calls a family meeting with his eldest son, James, and Sir David. He confesses to his misguided investments, courtesy of Baron Pyotr Tookov (no relation to Bernie Madoff) and sends David to America to verify if there is any value in his latest venture, an Arkansas silver mine.

Before David gets to the docks, he endures two attacks on his life. Bella and David end up on the same ship but in different classes so never meet, until…

Men in positions of power + vulnerable women = rampant harassment.

More twists and turns than a bobsled run, muggings, mayhem, knifings, shootings, good news becomes bad news, all is not what it seems.

“Skillful portrayal of scenes and characters keeps the reader in suspense and rooting for the improbable lovers who are surrounded by deceit and skullduggery” – Peggy McCaulley, author of “The Saga of Aspen Grove”

“Unrelenting action and suspense… Highland Justice provides insight into the movement to America and the obstacles encountered in the Golden Age.” – Dr. Dan Baxter, author of “Piano Man”

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This is the first book in the Highland Justice Trilogy. Look for the next in the series to be published before Christmas…just not sure which Christmas!

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